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*** I M P O R T A N T ! ***
ATTORNEYS, PLEASE NOTE! We are currently in the reporting pause and are NOT accepting any new CLE credit submissions. Please hold on to all of your CLE credits to report once we go live in the new system. We will continue to process all submissions received by January 1st, but will not hold on to or process any new submissions at this time.

No late fees will be assessed during this pause in reporting. Please continue to earn your required CLE credits so that you are prepared to report once the new system is live.

SPONSORS, PLEASE NOTE! We will continue to accept applications for course accreditation and attendance rosters during this pause in attorney reporting.

Welcome to the Supreme Court of Montana Commission of Continuing Legal Education

Montana CLE is Online

The Montana Commission of Continuing Legal Education is pleased to welcome you to our new website.

The Commission wants to do more than just track your compliance with MCLE requirements – We want to make compliance easy. We want to help you find CLE programming that is timely, convenient and relevant to your interests and practice area. This website and the MyMTCLE service will help us achieve these goals.